Bahcesehir Cyprus University

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About Bahcesehir Cyprus University

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University (BAU Cyprus) initiated education in the 2017-2018 academic year and located in Nicosia the capital city. BAU Cyprus is officially recognised by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YOK) in Turkey, while all the programmes are accredited by the National Education and the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (YODAK) of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
BAU Cyprus is a member of the BAU Global Education Network, and comprises of several universities like, Bahçeşehir University – Istanbul (Turkey), Bay Atlantic University – Washington (USA), Berlin International University of Applied Sciences – Berlin (GERMANY), BAU International University Batumi – Batumi (Georgia), and Bahçeşehir Cyprus University, Nicosia, which educate students from around the world in different undergraduate and graduate programmes.
BAU Cyprus aim at providing opportunity for students to benefit from academic means having an equal level located in different continents and countries and getting education on different campuses to enable them to have an international vision

  • Associate School
  • Computer programming
  • Business management
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Architecture
  • civil engineering
  • computer engineering
  • management information systems
  • Banking and finance
  • Psychology
  • Business administration
  • political science and international relations
  • psychological counselling and guidance
  • English language teaching
  • Law
  • Software engineering
  • Industrial engineering
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Gastronomy and culinary arts
  • Social works
  • Graduate programs
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Political Science and International Relations
  • Master of Management Information Systems
  • Master of English Language Teaching
  • Master of Healthcare Institution Management
  • Master of International & Comparative Law
  • Master of Computer Engineering
  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Blockchain Technologies
  • Master of International & Comparative Law
  • Ph.D. In Architecture
  • Ph.D. In Business Administration
  • Ph.D. In Computer Engineering
  • Ph.D. In Management Information Systems
  • Ph.D. In Political Science and International Relations

Refer to Tuition Fee section for scholarships

Programs Tuition Fee 50% Scholarship 70% Scholarship 100% Scholarship
Associate / bachelor’s degree 5950$ 2975$ 1750$ 500$
Faculty of Architecture $5,847 (2,923.5/semester)
English Preparatory School 5950$ 2975$ 2975$ 2975$
Pharmacy 7950$ 3975$ __ __

Tuition fee scholarship is offered at our entrance and scholarship exam. Students need to pay 125 USD Social funds.

Masters Programs
Course registration fee (per course) 350$
Thesis registration fee 1050$
Deficiency course 175$
Seminar 75$
English preparatory school 1490$
Social fund 125$
Term project registration free 350$
PhD Programs
Course registration fee (per course) 650$
Thesis registration fee (4 semesters) 2600$
Seminar registration fee 250$
Scientific Foundation fee (per course) 250$
English preparatory school 1490$
English Preparatory School (per semester) 1490$
Registration and Social Fund (per year) 125$

* Ph.D students are required to pay at least three courses and social activity fees in advance. ($650*3 = $1950.00 + $125 social fund = $2075.00).
**The tuition fee of the students who receive the acceptance letter will be calculated by the number of courses they have taken.


There are various types of accommodation available for students on campus on request”. Contact us and we will be glad to assist